My name is Toby and I wanna be your friend. 

I made a bunch of buddies in my middle school drama class while performing skits (i.e. basically preteen jackassery), so I figured if there was a profession that would somehow encourage my imagination and let me hang out with my besties, I was there.  I’m an actor.

My first high profile performance/friend-making venture was met with critical acclaim as I donned the prestigious stripes of the much-beloved children’s character, Tigger, from the literary classic, Winnie The Pooh.  Audience members at the opening night soiree in the school cafetorium were overheard complimenting me with such gems as “how did you remember all those lines” to “you were sweating a lot” to “my baby’s gonna be a star.”  (The last comment from Denver’s toughest high school theatre critic, my mom.)

After my big high school break as Tigger, I went on to make friends (and earn my BFA) at Baylor University in Texas.  From there I set my sites on making new besties through performing some of the great playwrights from Miller to Shakespeare to Williams (all of whom turned out to be good friends, for dead guys). 

A move to L.A. later, I’ve continue to meet great folks through numerous commercials, comedy web shorts, network television shows and some amazing experiences working with Oscar nominated film directors.  And yeah, everybody was cool.  (Check out the Resume section for more—I feel myself getting braggy and that’s not what friends do.) 

I’ve also started to write, produce and direct some of my own stories and am looking forward to continuing to gather my buddies to work/play/create together.  Check out my production company shingle to see some of our work:

Acting will always be my first love though and I’ll never stop trying to impress my Mom with a variety of roles in TV, film and theatre.  I also still sweat when I wear my Tigger outfit.  Let’s be friends.

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